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2017 Annual Seminar & Business Meeting

March 7 – 10, 2017*
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(*Business Meeting will be held March 9 at 4:00 p.m.)

Chandler Police Department
Desert Breeze Substation
251 N. Desert Breeze Blvd. W.
Chandler, AZ 85226


The Arizona Polygraph Association (AzPA) is proud to announce the speakers and presenters for this year’s Annual Seminar

Mr. James T. Orr
Dr. David Raskin
Mr. Mark Handler

Mr. James “Jim” Orr graduated from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute in Fort McClellan in 1999 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Jim has conducted over 2,300 polygraph examinations in all areas of FBI responsibility across the United States and around the world. He also served as a mentor, field trainer, and head polygraph examiner in the FBI’s Baltimore and Tampa Offices and conducted quality control review of other FBI examiners’ work. Upon retiring from the FBI in 2011, Jim founded Tampa Polygraph Services, LLC, and has conducted hundreds of polygraph examinations in the United States and abroad for law enforcement agencies and as a contractor for the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Jim has received extensive instruction in all areas of polygraph and interview and interrogation since entering the polygraph field and also served as a primary instructor at the Academy of Polygraph Science from June 2012 through March 2016 at which time he was responsible for teaching all aspects of polygraph. In addition to his polygraph experience, Jim has over 36 years of active law enforcement experience beginning his law enforcement career as a police officer in the City of Westland, Michigan in metropolitan Detroit in August 1974. He accepted the position of FBI Special Agent in October 1983 where he served in that capacity until retirement. Jim is a current member in good standing with the American Polygraph Association (APA), American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP), and Florida Polygraph Association (FPA). Jim is also a former full member of the Maryland Polygraph Association.

Dr. Raskin has served on the faculties of UCLA, Michigan State, and the University of Utah. He has authored more than 150 scientific articles, chapters, books, and reports, including Scientific Methods in Criminal Investigation and Evidence and Credibility Assessment: Scientific Research and Applications published in 2014. He has received research grants and contracts on the subject of deception detection from the National Institute of Justice, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, US Secret Service, and National Institute of Mental Health. He frequently consults and does training for many US federal agencies and foreign governments. The laboratories of Professor Raskin and his colleague, Dr. John Kircher at the University of Utah, are recognized worldwide as leaders in research and development of polygraph methods and computer techniques for the conduct and analysis of polygraph examinations. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology from UCLA.

Mark Handler is an independent polygraph instructor and consultant. He serves on the board of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP). He has published over 50 scientific articles on the topic of polygraph and credibility assessment. In the past, he was a Deputy Sheriff in Conroe County, Texas and a U.S. Navy nuclear submariner. Mark previously served on the Converus Advisory Board.



$185 AzPA Member

$225 Non-Member

A working lunch will be provided by the AzPA daily for all paying attendees.

Fees and/or membership dues can be paid via the Arizona Polygraph Association (AzPA) website, www.azpa4truth.org.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: This seminar will provide 32 continuing education hours through the Arizona Polygraph Association (AzPA) and through the American Polygraph Association (APA).


For more information, please contact
Ms. Andrea Bermea
AzPA Vice President – Law Enforcement
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